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This is my story, I followed a dream and I got it. I do keep fighting to do it better and better every time and I know I will get that goal because effort and tenacity are always rewarded.

I must honestly say that I have studied with great Masters from whom I have learned a lot but there is one who is helping me to improve and to follow the right path and he is the Tenor and Master Javier Hostaled.


I was born in Zaragoza on the street dedicated to the great and unique Tenor Miguel Fleta, how little I knew by then what big his influence would be in my life afterwards.

I was born within a family that loved Zarzuela and Opera. My first memories are related to my grandfather singing to my sister and me different parts of the Zarzuela “La verbena de la Paloma”.

My mother used to sat me in front of the television when there was any Opera on to make me listen to the music and to stay calmed. My father loved music instruments and he used to buy lots of them of any size even if we could not play them at all in a proper way.

 Unfortunately, Life has its own way and I was separated from my Piano Lessons in the British School of Aragón and from everything that was familiar to me and so my family and I we had to learn living life in a different way and therefore: Music was left behind.

From 1980 to 1998 my life went on with the secret desire of taking Singing Lessons. Pursuant to the fact I could not afford those Lessons, except for a short period in which I studied Guitar, I used to sing by my own and during those years I took part in several Chorus that left a joyful print on me.

 What did happen in 1998?. Well, a person called Nuria Blázquez met me in one of those Chorus and she encouraged me to audition for the Conservatory. She helped me to prepare the exam and finally I got the first position in the Admission List. I don’t have that list but I would love to in order to keep it as a treasure.


The Auditons to the Conservatory were held on June the 16th, my birthday, and so I received the best birthday’s present ever, my eternal wish came true: I would learn how to sing. I was in the Conservatory. Besides I met the man of my life that day but I did not know it yet though.

That’s how my love story with Belcanto became true, a story that began when my sister and I sang songs in our beds being two little girls until we felt asleep.

I have always tried to learn and to improve and these are the consequences.


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